Facts and Stats

Get an idea of what to expect financially, legally, and administratively.


Learn from someone who founded and operated a successful English Gyosoopso in Seoul for 4 years

Behind the Scenes

Now that I am no longer operating my English Gyosoopso business, I can share EVERYTHING that I did.

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Hagwon Business Overview

There are a lot of things you need to know to start, build, and grow your own English hagwon business in Korea. You need to know about the laws, the market, curriculum, pricing strategies, how to create a schedule, etc. But we can divide everything into 3 main categories: Business Related, Teaching Related, and Customer Service Related. Read below for more information about each category


First and foremost, you must understand that a hagwon is a business. It is a school in some ways, but there are expenses that you may not be aware of, bills to pay, payments that might come in late, and students that might leave at any moment.

A hagwon is a business that requires you to provide a great product that people want to pay you money for.



Even though a hagwon is a business, it won’t be a great business if it lacks good teachers that are teaching a good curriculum. You are probably pretty good in this section, but you still need to understand the market.

I wish I knew the market better before I started. Then I would have been much more successful.


Customer Service

Like it or not, if you are a business owner, customer service is probably the most important part of your business. If the customers are not happy, then they aren’t going to stay. I believe this is probably the most stressful part.

Learn what it takes to make your customers happy. And learn about some possible situations that might arise.