1. What is HagwonStart.com (HS)?

Hagwonstart.com is a site that offers free and paid information regarding starting, running and owning an English Hagwon in South Korea.

2. Who was HS designed for?

HS was designed for 3 types of people:

a) Current hagwon owners.

b) Potential hagwon owners.

c) People interested in doing business in Korea.

3. What is the goal of HS?

There are 3 main goals.

a) Share information that will help you decide whether or not starting an English hagwon is the right decision for you

b) Share experiences of what to do and what not to do

c) Learn what it takes to actually build an English Hagwon business in South Korea

4. What does HS offer?

HS offers insight into the English hagwon world in Seoul, Korea. Some topics include how to find a location, how to make a hagwon schedule, what kind of paper work is necessary, and much more. 

5. Do I have to pay anything to access the information?

All of the blog posts and the majority of the podcast episodes on HS are free to access. However, you can become a member to access all of the premium content.

6. How do I contact you?

The best thing to do is send me an email at hagwonstart@gmail.com

7. What are your term of service, disclaimers, etc?

Check out the following links:

Terms of Service

Website Disclaimer

Premium Members Disclaimer

8. I just purchased a membership but I have not received any login information. What has happened?

The registration process can be a little confusing and you may miss the link to click for creating a username and password. If that happens, please send an email to hagwonstart@gmail.com about not having a login. Then someone will manually create a membership account for you.