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You don't have to make the same mistakes I made when I first started my English hagwon business in Korea. Take advantage of the resources I have made available for our members.

Startup Guide

This is a step by step guide to creating a small hagwon business in Korea. Missing a step can cost you time, money, and energy.
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Ebook 1

Access the Ebook, “To Start or Not to Start”, which helps give you an idea of whether you should start a small hagwon business in Korea or not.
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Ebook 2

Access the Ebook, “Your First Few Years Running an English Gyosoopso”, and get an inside look into the industry. Learn what actually goes on.
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Video Series

Check out all 14 videos (135 minutes) on topics like “Interior Design Advice”, “Simple Advice- 8 Points”, “A Tour of my Gyosoopso”, and much much more!
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Access all 7 of the checklists, so you don’t miss a thing when planning your business. Make sure to print out each checklist and check off each point.

Q & A

This is a bank of questions and answers asked by various members. If you are a member, you can add to this bank of Q&A by emailing me your questions.
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Tony Teacher - TOEFL & OPIC Teacher - Tony Teacher is the owner of IGL Education and the creator of Hagwon Start. He and his team has access to all you need to know to start and build a hagwon in Seoul, Korea.

When I first started my small hagwon business in early 2013, I had no idea what I was doing. It was difficult and scary trying to find a place, getting all of the legal documents, and I felt helpless having zero students while having invested a lot of money, all the while not knowing if any students would end up coming. But, I had hope, and I had a great plan, and I can help make your journey a lot easier. I sincerely hope you don’t have to go through the struggles I did…

Hi, my name is Tony Choi and I have 4 years of experience building, growing, and maintaining a successful English Gyosoopso (small hagwon) business in Seoul Korea.

This website is filled with information I wish I knew when I first started my hagwon business in South Korea. And this is the members section for Small Hagwon Business people in Korea. There is a lot of information available for our members. Check out what is available. You must become a premium member and login to access all of the information but there is a lot of free information available in the form of podcasts, blog posts, and sample content of our premium content.

Small Hagwon Business Membership Includes:

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-Access to the exclusive video series (only for members)

-Access to “Start or Not” Ebook. Information about whether or not you should start a hagwon business or not
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-Access to “Your First Few Years Running an English Gyosoopso” Ebook. (only for members)
*Information about what actually goes on behind the scenes in a Gyosooposo business in Korea

-Access to the full online Gyosoopso Startup Guide & PDF Downloadable files (only for members)
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-Access to the all 7 of the checklists (only for members)
*You can access the overall checklist for FREE

-Access to the answers of the questions asked in the Q&A section
*This is a compilation of questions that members have had, as well as my answer. Questions and answers will continually be added as they come in and members will have lifetime access to this content. Members Meetups
*There will be a few in-person meetups every year for people to meet other members and to receive direct feedback from me in person. We will discuss hagwon business related questions and topics in person, which will help us all better prepare for our future and current businesses.

To become a member: click on the “Buy Now” button -> Fill out the information (paypal or credit card) -> make username (email address & password) -> login to -> gain access

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To become a member: click on the “Buy Now” button -> Fill out the information (paypal or credit card) -> make username (email address & password) -> login to -> gain access

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