A list of resources and links that I am currently using or have used some time in the past.

1. ProProfs.com The #1 Tool I Use For my Hagwon Business Click here to read a post detailing how I use this tool

2. Camtasia I Use This Tool To Create Video Tests and Recorded Lectures

3. Google Drive I Use This Tool To store listening files and files I share with my business partner

4. Amazon Web Services I Use This Tool To store files like report cards and students records, or any files that I want the parents to view.

5. Youtube I Use This Tool To host the videos I use in my online tests (audio and video purposes)

6. ELSD Online Homework Software I Use This Korean based Software to Assign Various Homework Assignments

Other Helpful Links:

Please Join The Groups Above by clicking on the icons to receive more help from others. The Hagwon Startup Group is open for anyone to join, but The Hagwon Owners Group is only for current or past hagwon owners. You have to show proof of owning a hagwon to be able to join the Hagwon Owners group.
1. Hagwon Startup Facebook Group (Meet liked minded people and get some advice from others)

2. KoTESOL (This organization holds very informative workshops regarding English education in Korea)

3. EFL Law website (Some of the information is a little outdated, but it gives you a good idea of some of the laws)

4. Ask Korea Law (A team of lawyers shed light on various topics)

5. Yeouido Global Business Center (This place helps foreigners with business in Korea. They offer free workshops, provide assistance, and even offer free office space)

6. Korea Business Central (A community of business people and information from someone with years of experience in Korea)

7. Business Network Korea  (A networking event held in COEX and various locations. Meet people from different industries and build relationships.)

8. Waygook.org (This forum is probably the largest and most active forum of English teachers in Korea)

9. MarketinginKorea.com (This is a podcast/blog that I host. I interview people marketing their business, service, or cause in Korea, and they share what they have learned.)